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Comprehensive Solutions for Businesses and Individuals


The Bizlink Academy offers a range of courses and workshops that are relevant to businesses and individuals.

Some of the courses offered include:

Business Booster

Management Leadership course

Building an effective Team

Developing corporate behaviour

Project Management

Executive and Personal Assistants Workshop

Voice Stressed Polygraph training and certification

The courses and workshops are held at Bizlink’s training facility at the Riversands Farm Village precinct. Once fully developed these facilities will be able to accommodate up to 60 candidates while catering will also be provided.


Bizlink Business provides practical business support for businesses allowing business owners to properly manage and grow their business.

Some of the services include:

Review and assessment of current business operations and administrative procedures

Assisting businesses with growth strategies, financial planning and advice

Formulating and implementing plans of action

Assisting business owners in their decision making processes

Bizlink Business will also able to assist businesses with their accounting and taxation requirements as well their adminisration obligations e.g. CIPC, Department of Labour etc.


Creative builds marketing platforms and solutions for companies which represent the foundation of a business’ ability to generate revenue.

Creative offers the following services:

Branding and Identity

Web Design and Development

Automated Systems and Marketing

Social Media

Online Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Bizlink Creative then not only formulates marketing strategies for companies but actually implements them on behalf of those companies allowing the company’s resources to focus on the sales and other operational activities.

Just ask!

We know that networking is one of the most effective income-producing business activities. However, after research amongst professional business owners and sales professionals we uncovered the need for a professional and productive networking system.


We therefore established the Just ask! Networks

Jozi at the Farm

Jozi at the Farm is organised by Bizlink in partnership with Riversands Farm Village with the objective of providing the surrounding communities with a family-focused fun event.

While retaining the essence of a family fun day Jozi at the Farm also provides an opportunity for lifestyle-focused businesses to get involved and engage with the community and a relaxed environment.

This is facilitated by providing businesses with the unique ability to become part of the farm village where they can showcase their products. While most of these options are situated outdoors there are also purpose built mini sheds which provide cover.

With a few thousand attendees every month this is a great day to be involved in!


Bizlink VeriX provides staffing solutions which include verification, placement and training/coaching services


Some of the services Include:

General honesty and integrity verification

Incident and theft services

Pre-employment and employee background checks

Qualification verification

Hiring and staffing services

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