Marketing Intern

We're looking for ambitious marketing students/graduates/people that seek experience in the exciting world of media and digital marketing. We want to give you the opportunity to prove yourself and gain experience at the same time. 

You will be expected to comeplete several certifications that will give you specific skills and knowledge. While learning you will be given opportunities to prove what you are capable of, as we help guide you in finding where your strengths and weaknesses lie. 

This position gives you the opportunity to grow your digital marketing skills through learning new platforms, generating new exciting content and coming up with new innovative digital strategies. You will also be in an environment that will develop your interpersonal skills, your time management skills and help you gain an understanding of the world of digital marketing.

Required Skill Set

Diploma/Degree in Branding, Journalism or Marketing or Final year marketing/advertising/copywriting student preferable

Organisational and interpersonal skills

English verbal and writing skills

Creative Thinking

Computer skills

Job Descirption

The aim of this internship is for you to gain a broad understanding of the world of digital marketing. We will expose you to several areas such as Graphic Design, Social Media, Marketing Automation, Web Development etc. 

We will place you on a learning path that ensures that you will gain valauble knowledge and skills for the future, while gaining an understanding of where your strengths lie.

This is a 3 month initial Internship. Were you to be selected you will have 3 months to impress us with your amazing marketing skills and attitude. Afterwards, if successful, we will then extend your intership by a futher 3 months where you will specialise in a specific area and recieve a pay increase.

Skills & Competencies

Ability to write articles, create content and post online.

Good problem-solving skills

Ability to take initiative and work independently with good time-management skills

Experience with Wordpress, MailChimp, Hootsuite or other online marketing platforms are highly advantageous

Experience with CRM tools are highly advantageous

Graphic design skills are highly advantageous

Marketing Intern

R3 000PM
  • Travel Allowance
  • Work Hours
  • Mon-Fri 08:00-16:30
  • Requirements
  • Smartphone
  • Open to learning and continuous development
  • Confident and able to work independently
  • Ability to work both in and out of office

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